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The Lash Barn Makeup Remover


The Lash Barn oil free makeup remover is our custom product we have designed ourselves. As an eyelash technician I get asked the question “how can I take my makeup of safely without wrecking my lashes ?“ all the time. I never knew what products were 100% safe so I thought why not create my own makeup remover I know is 100% safe for lash extensions. I wanted to create a product I was proud to put my logo on and today they arrived and I’m so so happy. I wanted to create a bottle that was better for our environment then plastic so I went with a glass bottle which is reusable or recyclable. Working close with a chemist our formula was created to be gentle soft and silky, safe for normal and sensitive skin with no added fragrance and no oil 👌🏻 safe for eyelash extensions we have a cleaning foam at the salon that is antibacterial that is perfect for cleaning your eye area after taking off your make up these two products work harmonious together .